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Discussion on: Sexism, Racism, Toxic Positivity, and TailwindCSS

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Brian Boyko

To say it "does nothing" is factually incorrect.

(Oh jeez. They're talking about my stuff.)

When I saw Adam Wathan's tweet at Sara Soueidan's tweet of "TailwindCSS: Adds complexity, does nothing"

Whoa. I had no idea that Adam Wathan even read the post I wrote. Don't get me wrong - I stand by my criticisms of Tailwind, but it was not my intention to ruin anyone's day.

I hope that Mr Wathan knows that I'm attacking the work, not the man, and that I'm not doing so out of a desire to drag him or his team down, but to point out what I believe to be significant flaws in Tailwind when it comes to the type of large projects that Tailwind is targeting.

I suppose I could have -- should have -- made it more clear that there is room to address the issues I found in Tailwind. That while I don't find it adds value, that there's no reason that it couldn't... if the concerns were addressed. Some later iteration or related solution could provide both what Tailwind promises (easy styling) without the drawbacks I pointed out.

I still think SCSS and CSS-in-JS are imperfect solutions, though they're (IMO) the best we have right now. We need people like the Tailwind team looking for better ways.

I do think that Wathan and his team are actually primed - and have the knowledge and experience - to truly solve problems in the web styling space, and I do think that CSS is too overly complex and verbose. There should be a better way and I have confidence that if Wathan and his team look for it, they will find it. If I'm trying to convince them of anything by my criticism, it's that I think they're currently looking in the wrong direction and to try to back up and see if there's something they missed.

Then I read it. While the framing was lacking the nuance I expressed above, and the title is mildly negative in a click-baity way, it wasn't toxic.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that. A bit of a peek inside the author's bias - I used to be a content marketer from 2006-2013, before I switched to programming in 2014. So I suppose when I blog, I'm in the habit of writing to maximise engagement -- i.e., I'm blunt and trying to provoke discussion. Not argument for argument's sake, but discussion. It's still my "default" writing style.

The article is a perfectly fine piece of critical thought.

Thanks! :)

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