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Discussion on: Cross-Domain Firebase Authentication: A Simple Approach

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Brian Burton Author • Edited

John's approach is solid and if implemented correctly should be secure. The above approach I'd call a refinement. The primary improvements here are using a single Firebase session cookie across all domains for stateless JWT authentication and no cross-domain requests.

The CSRF protections should be implemented no matter what, I didn't include that because it seemed out of scope however just making an httpOnly __session cookie and strict a strict single-domain CORS policy on the /auth/* endpoints would make any XSS attack difficult. The only change I would recommend from his approach would be to pass the CSRF token with a custom HTTP header and not a cookie, but that's splitting hairs.

Also if you're not using Firebase session cookies that may be the cause of your users getting randomly logged out.

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Mike Fitzbaxter (MFB)

Thanks for following this up. I'll double check the __session cookie we are assigning, it could very well be that it's not the Firebase session cookie.