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How much does it cost to develop a dating app like Tinder?

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How much does it cost to develop a dating app like Tinder?
There has been a huge revolution in technology in recent years as Mobile app development companies in Bangalore are providing all the luxury and everyday useful services for common citizens along with immaculate satisfaction. The traditional means of communication ranging from booking a cab to buying groceries and getting essential services to home have been transformed like never before. People have been so highly used to mobile apps that they positively connect to friendships, relationships, and chats with just a click from point of fingertips. The young generation will not be interested in meeting a person for the first time directly in-person, but they are impressed by connecting requests sent online.

What is Tinder?
The online dating segment is constantly upsurging as the modern generation of youngsters is choosing the dating lifestyle. It required some special spark in the technology to develop a sense of liking and long-term usage for using such dating apps. As dating apps have turned the table in the industry, Tinder is a great example of making dating apps a highly profitable business. The tinder dating app is unique from all the other types due to its high rate of converting matches. It has been the talk of the town among the young generation thanks to its user-friendly functionalities. They are allowed to choose their communication partner by just swiping. If this swiping is mutual, then the communication opens for a two-way channel. Hence, developing a dating app like Tinder is the same as developing a relationship and will incur both time and investment to make it unique.
The uniqueness of Tinder applies in geographical proximity as the key aspect and making it smoother for individuals to connect with other individuals of their likings. You could just look at the possible matches and swiping it left (No) or right (Like) will initiate the process. The app analyses user data by making use of geographical locations, mutual friends, or similar interests. Users must mention their age and gender to the individuals they want to connect with for letting Tinder to notify the other users with similar interests in their area. Tinder app excels with its ability to have exciting visuals and simple navigations. You can easily login directly from Facebook and the app will pull the information from your account. Users can make their profile look exciting by adding extra details and descriptions to their profile.

How to make an app like Tinder?
If you are looking at how to create a dating app like Tinder then you have to understand its exciting features. Along with easy registration and geolocation features, there are some exciting features like a rewind option, Super-likes, unlimited right-swipes, location change depending on the subscription plans. There are some other additional features like in-app purchases, social media integrations, safety from abuse and uncensored contents, anonymous users, match suggestions with advanced matching formulas.

How much money do dating apps make?
If you are thinking – “how to make money on a dating app?”, then you have to look at the options below:
This is an option to give a scheduled trial period for users and charge a fixed subscription fee after the completion of the trial period for using the services. This is a highly used method for earning through the apps. Tinder employs plans as below:
Tinder Plus: It is helpful for users who want to subscribe to the freemium model that offers extra options. Tinder app allows the users to start free for certain periods and then charges for using its extra features like a change of location, unlimited swipes, etc. The subscription plans are divided into two parts namely Tinder Plus and Tinder basic. Tinder plus consists of all the exciting features that will make the users excited once they know the usefulness of the app. If you are looking to build a similar dating app like tinder, then it is wiser to follow the same trend and make all the exciting features chargeable after a scheduled trial period. Tinder has also differentiated the costs depending on the age of the user.
Tinder gold: This plan is exclusively for new members of the app and varies according to the age group of the users.
Sponsored content: Many business enthusiasts have partnered with Tinder to present their sponsored content to the users.
Profile Lift: Tinder asks for a fixed amount from the users to boost the profiles to the top that will enhance the profile views along with some additional features.
Ads: Ads are given to third party agencies for marketing on the apps. This will be useful for other business owners to show their products or services while giving you good profits.
In-app purchases: In-app purchase is a regular way of earning profits employed by different types of apps by offering additional features. The same trend has been employed by tinder to offer additional features like icons, emoji, etc. This trend has been successful across mobile apps of different niches. Features can only be unlocked when users pay the fixed amount and subscribe to the plan.
How much does it cost to make a dating app?
With all these benefits, you may be wondering - how much does it cost to build a dating website or how much do dating apps cost? Dating app development cost in India depends on important factors like app features (basic and advanced), app size, app platform (Native or Cross-platform), design elements. A reliable Mobile app development companies in Bangalore will guide you to the right way of investing in all the factors.

With the exposure to such impressive benefits, many business owners are looking for tinder clone tutorials to develop similar dating apps. Before you invest the amounts in such apps, ensure to associate with a reliable Mobile app development companies in Bangalore like Brill Mindz. They have a team of dedicated and skilled app engineers who can take you on the right path and build a profitable app.


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