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I understand the concerns of many, but the fact is that Microsoft from today is not the same Microsoft from 10 years ago. They open sourced .NET Core, built the awesome Visual Studio Code, Typescript, Azure, and most recently the Windows Subsystem for Linux show signs they are in the right direction and more open to the community. Yes, they ruined Skype but still I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

On the other hand, I think GitHub has stagnated and stopped innovating. Apart from some redesigns and small improvements, what big feature they have released in last years? Compare with what GitLab is doing! Today's development workflow is not only version control. We live in the the age of Agile and Continuous Delivery and we need tools and simpler ways to do that. GitHub fell asleep and GitLab got it right and it is nowadays much better platform.

May be Microsoft could revitalize GitHub. Azure could take a big part here. They could try to do a deeper integration with Azure and AKS in a similar way GitLab is doing with GCP.

I dont like the fact these big companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook owning everything and I would prefer GitHub to be an independent company.

We will see. Time will tell.

Nevertheless GitLab is much better option nowadays.

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