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Discussion on: Willing to become a Java Backend developer, what course to choose ?

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Bruno Vieira • Edited on

I'm currently doing Alura's study plans, and am very satisfied by them. Just starting, though! Nice to have some feedback and recommendations on Java courses, since I have started as a Java Developer last month and had never worked with it. Trying to get to "pro" level ;) Thanks!

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Bruno Drugowick • Edited on

Well, it'll take 10 years to reach a "pro" level: =)

The company I work gives access to Alura and I took a few courses there also (mostly related to what I needed at work at the time). I like it, though I believe Alura and Algaworks have different approaches and may complete each other.

  • Alura: many shorter and focused courses.
  • Algaworks: fewer but complete and lengthy (not tedious though) courses.

This difference also shows in how they charge you and affect your commitment to the course. I'd say:

  • if you're sure you want to commit with Java and is capable of organizing your life to really put in the hours, go with Algaworks.
  • if otherwise you want to have options, learn quick and maye need some additional training later, go with Alura.

Or, like me, have the luck to have access to both! ;)