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Discussion on: Anyfiddle - JSFiddle but for any language. Build, run and share code with this online code editor

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Bubbler • Edited on

I'm a long time user of Gitpod, which is another cloud-based IDE service. Gitpod is best suited for professional open source development, but not quite for trying things out before I decide to seriously put effort in it and upload to GitHub. To me, Anyfiddle is exactly aiming for this use case, which is a good thing.

Can you share some technical details, such as storage limits per project and server uptime (I know some services shut down servers after x hours of inactivity; I just noticed the server is shut down shortly after I close my project, but is it indefinitely running as long as I keep my project open)?

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Joji Augustine Author • Edited on

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Anyfiddle's current main use case, is exactly what you described, quickly prototyping, running, and sharing. As the platform matures it will have feature parity with other cloud IDEs like Gitpod, etc.

The projects are stopped, 5 mins after closing the browser tab. It also gets stopped if the tab is inactive for more than 10mins. The project won't be stopped if the tab is active and open (for signed-in users).

The project being stopped will not lead to any loss of data or work if the user is signed in. The project resumes from the previous state when started again (Refreshing the page / Clicking on start again / Clicking on the project on My Projects page). Anyfiddle is free for signed-in is users. The sign-in requirement is added to prevent abusive usage.

For non-signed-in users, the project will not be saved and the project is stopped after 1 hour.

All this is done to reduce the server cost and optimize server space for many users. This allows us to keep Anyfiddle free.