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Discussion on: Daily Challenge #304 - Consecutive Letters

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It's always nice to avoid a second iteration

We also have space complexity

  • if 2 loops O(2n) and the space is O(1) then it still good to give a try
  • if you have only one loop but the space is O(n) or O(n^2), you should consider to use then ;)
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You're right, space is part of the equation too. It's all about what tradeoffs you're happy to make.

In this case, we're checking for duplicates in the string so we're either storing a memo hash (O(n) on space) or iterating over the pairs of elements (O(n^2) on time).
This one is O(n) on space and time, but you could defn make a fn that was O(1) on space if you were ok with O(n^2) on time.

(O(n) == O(2n) btw. The notation includes a multiplier to cover differences in the base case. So the top function up there where [...s] implicitly loops through the string before even hitting the every, actually has the same complexity as the lower function that is genuinely just one loop.)