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Discussion on: What is a project, you are really proud of?

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Bugsy Sailor
  1. I photographed every sunrise of 2019, and so far every sunrise of 2020

  2. Hugo / IMGIX / Netlify / jQuery / Dark Sky API / Google Maps API / Adobe Lightroom / Flickr / Snipcart

  3. Personal

  4. Yes.

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Kelechi Odom

This is really really cool. Nice work!

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Arman Khan

Wow! That's so cool! ✨

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Lorraine Lee

Wow! Don't know if you kept records of your bearings (compass direction you pointed your camera) but if you did, you plotted an analemma.

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Bugsy Sailor

I do have records of all my bearings, however I wasn't in the same location for each sunrise.

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todd densmore

I want to buy the print where Did the sun rise: == No

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mayank joshi Author

Man, this is wow. Give me time to explore it more.