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A tribute to developers, everywhere

Hey Devs,

Moe (my Co-founder and I) originally co-founded Buildable with the mission of giving the world more technology. 2 years ago, we took a walk and envisioned a tool that would act as an instant backend for engineers of all seniorities, whether you're a senior backend, a junior frontend, a mixture of the two or something in between. It would act like a supportive crutch, guiding you through the complexities of writing meaningful business logic, while removing all the painstakingly annoying headaches that came with standing up robust, scaleable, backend systems and app features.

Things like hooking into Stripe for recurring payment logic, validating and triggering transactional emails using SendGrid for newly authenticated users, enabling Shopify store owners to sell their products using Bitcoin, provisioning databases in a few minutes and not a few hours, etc.. I mean, these things aren't rocket science, but are they really worth your Monday and Tuesday when you could be writing that piece of core IP your team needs?

Building backend logic that works (and scales) is hard. Deploying and maintaining it is even harder, while remembering how each third-party's API works and evolves over time is a pain, regardless of how talented a dev team is.

And we would know.. Moe and I built a software agency to 7-figure revenue in a little over 2 years from 2017-2019. Scaling it was a nightmare for all the reasons mentioned above. Software needed to be easier, we thought, and the answer wasn't a more efficient dev-agency. It was a better, more delightful way to compile code all together, while ensuring it still felt familiar.

In other words, building the future's billion-dollar companies, that made our societies and communities more efficient, required the architects of the 2022nd century to have more of their time back. In other words, software engineers needed more of their time back. Yet, developing complex software still takes weeks, if not months, when it should take days or hours. We thought a platform (and a community!) that saved developers serious time needed to exist. So, we built it.

Enter Buildable.

Buildable is an instant backend and in-browser IDE with over 1,000 open-source integrations ready for you to release. No third-party documentation required. No servers you need to know how to scale. No headaches. It just works and it lets you do your job when and how you need it.

Last summer, we decided to finally transition from bootstrapped to VC-backed and raised a round of financing from some of the top VCs in Toronto and Silicon Valley. This past month, after finishing the year with great quarterly planning, we've had the highest product and feature release velocity I think we've ever had, which simply means the developer experience in our IDE is the best it's ever been and we're committed to making it better every week.

To showcase some of the ways we're doing that, we've decided to launch a podcast-style Youtube series for technologists looking to build more features, release more apps and enjoy the time doing it. More than that, I wanted the community to be the first to hear about it.

We'll be posting them here and on our site at We love this community and we want to keep supporting it in any way we can.

Happy Building,


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