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Arbitrage Crypto Currencies using Binance and Twilio

Buildable is an instant backend and in-browser IDE with over 1,000 open-source integrations ready for use, tweak and ship. No third-party documentation required. No servers you need to know how to scale. No headaches. It just works and it lets you do your job when and how you need it.

To showcase some of the ways we're doing that, we've decided to launch a podcast-style Youtube series for technologists looking to build more features, release more apps and enjoy the time doing it. More than that, we wanted the community to be the first to hear about it. We love this community and we want to keep supporting it in any way we can.

Here's a tutorial that's for all of the crypto and finance enthusiasts out there. It details how you can use the Binance and Twilio APIs to set up a notification system whenever an arbitrage opportunities exists between two crypto currencies.

It's a fun one!

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