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Donut's template for Reactjs

bybruno profile image Bruno Farias Updated on ・1 min read

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 npx create-react-app donut --template donuts
 // Or
 yarn init react-app my-app --template donuts
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Donut Template is a preconfigured template for reactjs applications.

  • Default route setting

  • Folder Structure

  • Absolute routes set, use alias '@' to import your files

  • Styles with Styled Components

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The template comes pre-configured with superdonuts, the CLI for quick setup and file generation.


// Configure Eslint
 yarn run superdonut configure:eslint 

// Create Component
 yarn run superdonut generate:component MyComponent

// Create Page
 yarn run superdonut generate:page Main

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Diego Giuliani

Looks really awesome. Thanks for sharing.