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The single best way of learning is when you "depend" on the project you are building. Which means you will learn things very quickly when you have some stake in the outcome.

From a drastic point of view: Build a StartUp with just that new technology or code/pattern.

Since this is not highly recommended except you are rich and don't need income, maybe choose a problem you solve for yourself or a friend. It is important to get excited about it.

And then build it and read blog posts/articles along the way. There you will also identify quite quickly what works and what is just bulls*t.

Humans learn the fastest when their life or outcome depend on it. Use this concept in a reduced way and build something you want to present at a MeetUp or a tool you want to publish in a month or so.

What works best for me is to start a list of ideas in my day-to-day life (a bookmarking service I can use from the terminal, a desktop push notifcation service when there is a new good article or podcast out etc. etc.). Collect them for a few weeks or months. Also collect the concepts/programming languages you want to learn.

After both lists are long enough and some time passed, pick the technology you still really want to dig deeper on a project you still want to have.

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