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Discussion on: Rejected by Facebook

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

The PDF thing really irks me sometimes. I know I shouldn't get worked up about it, but I still do. It's such a clear-and-obvious example of hoop-jumping just to comply with someone else's default, mindless process.

On one hand, if I was truly in need of a job, or if I desperately wanted to work for this one specific company, I suppose it's natural to think that I'd update and reformat my resume in whatever manner they requested. On the other hand, these interactions almost always occur after they've reached out - to me.

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Davide de Paolis

yes. that's the point. I was not looking for a job. the recruiter contacted me, they contact me every week, just for their stupid database or introductory chats.. some ask for the pdf, some ask for their own form... ain't got no time for that!

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