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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

I just love how someone pulls up their own tool-of-choice, sees that the site responded wonderfully on 3-out-of-4 metrics, and then implies that I must not be a "web dev" if the site didn't ace all 4. This is so perfectly indicative of what I see from sooooooo many other devs.

While I care just as much about performance as any web dev (although... I guess I'm not one), I can't really validate this tool's performance metrics. It claims that TTI is a full 7.5 seconds. And, I'm sorry (not sorry), but that's just not accurate. There's nothing on that page that requires anywhere near a 7.5-second wait before you can interact with it.

I just pulled the page up on GTmetrix, which shows a TTI of 1.7 seconds. Where in the heck Lighthouse gets 7.5 seconds from, I'll never know. Nor do I particularly care.

I do notice that, on the various performance reports from multiple sites, everything is basically pushed up by 2 seconds, because there's a 2-second fade-in on the page. I could remove that, just to make someone satisfied that I'm actually a web dev. But, umm... nope.

The simple fact is that most of the primary optimizations you need to do to a base React site to get it run blazingly fast require you to set up a custom pipeline on your own server. For example, you can run the app through a static site generator, but that's not going to happen while the site is hosted on AWS's Amplify. I'm not going to configure (and pay for) a custom EC2 instance just so I can make someone feel better about a 42 on Lighthouse.

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