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Discussion on: React Is Eating Itself

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Thank you for the feedback! As you can tell from some of the other comments, some people are definitely not in agreement... But I'm fully aware that some people truly like all the ways that React has changed/evolved over time. I still truly love React - but I'm not always a fan(boy) of every new way that the current code morphs.

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Glaydson Costa

You're welcome Adam. I see how this post generated rants. That was the biggest reason why I left Twitter and stoped to following some "ReactJS rockstars" (it was too bullshit to me). Sometimes I get myself thinking when development became a religion and not a technical working, dogmatism took place over pragmatism, people do things because they "believe" is better, and because their "shepherds" said it was better, not because are really better.

Keep up the good work.