Exciting year to be a web developer

Bytegasm! on January 19, 2018

Exciting year to be a web developer. Welcome to 2018, where websites are the new rage. Mind you, we call them webapps and not websites... [Read Full]
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Tinder launched its PWA. So did, Uber, Pinterest, Google Maps and many more big players.

So did dev.to! Wait, are we not a big player? 😢


Haha, dev.to is hands down one of the most performant websites out there.
Everytime I hit a slow mobile network, I test dev.to on it. 😂


Opera mobile features makes it hard to support PWA's. To me it makes sense abit to detect and not run your PWA on opera mini browser because it will be rendered poorly by the browser. To support PWA's we need also to sacrifice support of some browsers that don't really embrace PWA. I once accessed dev.to from opera mini mobile browser and it is really a mess. It will be better if you stop supporting such browsers entirely for PWA to flourish


Agreed completely. I remember when once on a project we had to stop supporting opera browser & UC browser. And developing countries UC+opera make up to more user-base than google chrome. gs.statcounter.com/browser-market-...


How does one charge for a PWA? Or is the only revenue model advertising?


Apple is starting to implement Service Workers. I'm on mobile and don't have the link but maybe someone else does?



Yes, there is support for service workers is Safari Tech Preview 38 and work on Web App manifest is under development.

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