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Discussion on: It's perfectly fine to only code at work, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Senik Hakobyan

Often it's not easy to determine boundaries between "at work" and "out of work", especially when you have flexible work schedule, or when you are able to work more hours to earn more, and especially when you're working from home.

A person who spends 8 hrs at work, and then spends another 6 hrs to work on his own skills, improve himself as an engineer, will always "hate" any "junior", who claims that he's coding only at work, thereby is not passionate to work hard to make himself to be a better programmer.

Since 2015 I spend more than 12 hours coding daily, can be around 14 hrs. I don't care is it "at work" or "after work", because... I don't think it's a waste of time, if there is a purpose.

We always have weekends to make our wives and children to be happy. ☀️