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Discussion on: I Switched To Web Development

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Senik Hakobyan • Edited

I think that the circle describes the way you grow, and different states of your growth are described and marked differently.

So, there are no circles in circles. There is just one circle with different states.

Sorry, if I couldn't express my thoughts clearly in English :)

Though, I understand what you are saying.

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No need to ever be sorry for trying in another language!

Thanks, now that explanation makes sense. 👍

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David G. Horsman

Hi again Sebastian. I often use inversion and reversal of polarity as an analysis tool. It's quite rare to try this trick with a diagram and a bit hard to explain.
I would first have to replace "fear" with "anxiety" (dissonance).
Having done that I see a coherent result if growth is this smallest enclosed circle, followed by learning, dissonance and comfort.
Does that make sense?