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Discussion on: Your Twilio Hackathon Updates!

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Senik Hakobyan • Edited

Nowadays people are worried about their symptoms, some of them keep bombing their doctors all day telling them about their cough, body temperature or blood pressure etc.

Many of them are just in panic, but some of them might need some care and monitoring.

Few words about the idea.
It's a platform for doctors and patients where patient send his data to doctor to review periodically. Some business logic will be implemented to determine how critical is the reported data.
Twilio Notify will be used to notify doctor whenever critical data reported, or to patient whenever he doesn't input his data on time.

For future it's worth to do some research for patient real-time monitoring using sensors with RPi or similar.

I know my idea isn't unique probably at this moment but I'll have something to play with.

Good luck everybody! Be healthy Always! :)