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1) Rails, out of the box, doesn't have (trend) - The current trend in webdev is to make sites that are so slow, most phones and laptops can't run them comfortably. I like this, because exactly zero of my clients want to arbitrarily exclude 95% of their potential customers because of fashion concerns they have never heard of and don't care about. I enjoy taking business from people who feel my style is "dated".

2) Typing holy war - I understand why dynamic typing and duck typing are less preferable, but in practice, I have never seen any of the major disasters that people predict.

3) Ruby is slow - See point one. My apps run pretty fast, and it's easy to be fast when the competition has 100% deprioritized speed.

4) Concurrency - Ruby doesn't have the best concurrency model, so on a project where that's important, I don't use Ruby. Hardly enough reason to abandon ruby altogether.

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