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Metal (specifically symphonic, power, and folk), with some occasional hard rock, techno, and chip-tune thrown in.

Most of my typical mix at the moment is Falconer, Turisas, Twilight Force, Sabaton, and Hammerfall, with a splash of DragonForce and Elvenking.


Call me weird but I like heavy metal or even metalcore.

  • While She Sleeps
  • Any Given Day
  • Trivium etc...

I call you a very concentrated and fast dev, sir :)

maybe you want to try out Moments or Frontstreet as well :)


Thanks, I did not know about these bands:

  • Moments - They are actually good, could use heavier breakdowns though.
  • Frontstreet - Aspiring to Nu Metal, but not there yet. They lack the aggression I missed from Korn or Limp Bizkit.

On Spotify, I generally listen to Stardew Valley's OST album (I am serious), and yes, I put the whole album on repeat. It also reminds me when I am stuck at a certain problem, know that the guy who made all this music took years to develop the game alone before it became a hit and made him a millionaire, so just keep pushing.

Sometimes I also listen to this Japanese band called Depapepe. They make great instrumental songs with just their guitars.


I've listened to quite a few different artists and styles over the years, and I've found that what I need in order to get serious 'flow' time is something with lots of guitar and drums (Muse, most of Queen, Florence and the Machine) or high energy pop (Jess Glynn, Meghan Trainor) or classical stuff from the Romantic period (Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, Rachmaninoff).

My biggest disappointment was that while I adore The Beatles, I was completely unable to get any work done while listening to any of their albums.


mostly electronic music with no lyrics. ⚑️
and, sometimes just my most played playlist over and over again.


Yup same here, the kind of music that can keep repeating itself and you don't even notice. 😎


When I listened to a sample; I fell in love. You have a good taste in audio.


Thanks man, I find it soothing as well to have the video playing on one screen

Well I go by a sacred developer's code;
Devs must always show how they feel about what someone is putting on the table. And that music is nice! Anytime!
P.S. Please look at my other posts (Shameless self plug, I know)


Silence or instrumental music 🎡.
Vocals distract my focus and flow for some reason πŸ€”.


I'd very much appreciate if you could you post a youtube link with an example or similar?

Thanks in advance πŸ™.


I cycle through various stuff. At times it's Power Metal, other times it's Electro Jazz, and other times is focus music from Spotify.

If anyone is interested, here's my Spotify profile and the public playlists


Pretty much anything from Ultimae Records is great. Mostly no lyrics, ambient.


Silence when deep thinking.


Future Islands - when in flow.

Songs -

  • The Ink Well.
  • Inch of Dust.
  • Heart Grows Old.
  • Tin Man.
  • Long Flight.
  • Walking through that door.
  • ...

electronic music without lyrics. I am a big fan of TheFatRat


Lo-fi hip-hop 🎧
I enjoy listening through the numerous playlists and 24/7 streams on YouTube.


Bob Ross
Big Band (Sinatra, Martin, Cole)
Classical Music
freeCodeCamp Code Radio (


Usually some jazzhop or chill beats. Every once in a while, I turn on Miles Davis, Coltrane, or some of the classic jazz artists to flow to.


Lo-Fi. It’s like modern elevator music. Deep sweeping bass, minimal lyrics. I can’t get enough.


The hymns of Hildegard of Bingen, sung by Anonymous 4

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