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re: That's an interesting opinion. Do you mean that (theoretically) humans are not going to be in the same dimensional plane as the universe itself? Th...

We would be on, and for placeholder, plane-0, a plane that morphs, it would change the area around it, in simpler terms:
Time is an X-Dimensional plane, there is a Time-Dimensional object pushing our 3D (as we understand it) world. In the process, our universe distorts. Not "spacetime", but something similar.

Does this help?
I'm sorry if I don't answer all questions you may have, or if I don't explain something well enough, I need better En.
Anyways, cheers.

Relax man, we are just discussing a topic casually, no need to be too serious about the words (as long as I get your meaning).

One of the things we have to be clear is, is the dimensional plane you mentioned a graph visualization of space-time or the actual space-time. Graph visualization only gives you an idea of how the universe evolves, not to do time travel with it.

Anyway, don't be discouraged by not able to answer something, I try to do the opposite that lets you find the answer later.

Ok, well, the dimensional plane I mentioned was referring to spacetime itself.
Hence "Time-Dimensional".

Mind to upload a drawing of it?

No, I do not mind, though it might be a while since I don't have access to a camera, or readily available (or good) paint software, so sorry if the final thing is low-resolution and bad quality.

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