Does python have a [js] setInterval() equivalent?

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I was wondering if Python (3.8+) had some kind of equivalent to JavaScript, where I can do:

var gameloop = setInterval(game_body,time)

It can be stand alone, or variable independent, though
being able to assign said equivalent to a variable
would be useful for what I am doing.
Thanks so much!

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I don't think there is anything equivalent but you could easily build a threading function that would do something similar

import threading

def set_interval(func, sec):
    def func_wrapper():
        set_interval(func, sec)
    t = threading.Timer(sec, func_wrapper)
    return t

Source: stackoverflow.com/questions/269703...


Seems like your doing game development or related work.
You can check out PyGame, which is designed for game development with Python.

I've tried pygame, and it really doesn't work for me, every time I reinstall and import it, it says it doesn't exist... also the TKinter canvas is easier for me (since it's similar to JS' canvas).
But thanks for the tip!

that's weird. which version of python you are using?

Currently: 3.9, I have tried on 3.8 and 3.7 (originally trying it on 3.8).

It says the module doesn't exist, I've tried setting my PYTHONPATH and all that fun stuff... nothing really fixed it after I updated to 3.8...
I even got the latest ver of PyGame, still no luck

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