How to see if a file exists in Java (IN THE CURRENT DIRECTORY)

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It's nice to see some of my followers, and other lingerers here, and thanks for reading.
So I am making an app builder in java, and I googled

How to see if a file exists in java

and I on StackOverflow I see answers like:

File f = new File(filename); //in my case: "Built Applications/New Application"

but when I do this it returns false every time.
When I get the absolute path, it returns:

"C:\Users\calin\Built Applications\New Application"

but I need it to be relative, which should return:

"C:\Users\calin\OneDrive\Desktop\java projects\misc\AppBuilder\Built Applications\New Application"

how can I do this?
Thanks, and

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You'll need to specify the parent directory. Something like (note the backslash-escaped backslashes):

File parent = new File("C:\\Users\\calin\\OneDrive\\Desktop\\java projects\\misc\\AppBuilder");
File f = new File(parent, "Built Applications\\New Application");

should do what you want. If you want to avoid the backslashes (and escaping), build up the parent starting with the value of the "user.home" system property.

(Note: Original post had a think-o where I used "java.home" instead of the correct "user.home".)


Ok, but that's just for my case, what if I want to get a parent directory for anyone who is using this software? that's what I was looking for :/


I suggest you start the java.lang.System property "user.home" if it is a per-user value:

File home = new File(System.getProperty("user.home"));
File parent = new File(home, "blah ... BuiltApplications");
File file = new File(parent, filename); // filename from your original example


Would something like this work? Get cwd, then add your directory to it by concatenation.

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