If statement confusion, can someone help me understand how this is incorrect syntax in python?

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Ok, so why is this:

#code before
if state == 1 and (tok == "\"" or tok "'"):
#code after

Incorrect syntax, but:

#code before
if tok == "\"" or tok == "'":
#code after

Can execute without any issues...
Don't know if this helps, but the second one is coming after the first one, and the first one had no trouble executing...

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The very last comparison in the first one is missing a double equals 🙂


Don't beat yourself up, I've lost count of how many times I've stared at a screen at length but still missed a small typo like this ... Yet another reason having a fresh set of eyes can be helpful.


Maybe its a side effect from doing too much programming in one sitting? I have been programming for 10 hours now...

That very well could be, there are some serious diminishing returns if you keep at it for that long.

I know. I just want to get my project over before the end of today. Could you please view my next post. It would really help. (This is for a bigger project BTW)

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