If whitespace is space where there are unreadable, or spacing characters, is blackspace where a normal character is?

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If whitespace is something like , \n, \t, etc...
then is blackspace something like s, a, #, 5, etc...?



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Highly unlikely, if you mean for it to leave the programming world, that's plausible, but, for it to leave English entirely, it would take a few generations, and no one overlooks things in the same weird fucking way I do.
So I'm sure not.
Have a great day.

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Oh god, I hope not, otherwise we'll have to stop using the term 'whitespace' because some insane SJW out there will take offense at it.

Historically, the differentiation comes from the printing industry, and you may find any of 'type', 'copy', or 'print' used to refer to the things that aren't whitespace. In that context, 'whitespace' meant parts of the page that had nothing printed on them, which would often also include stuff like margins and gutters.


Thank you for your response. Have a wonderful day.