Is there any way to have a while-else loop in JavaScript?

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I am making a programming language in JavaScript,
as much of you lovely people know!
And I have encountered something....
I need to use a while-else loop....
but running:

while(conditionsMet) {

console.log("Conditions are met!")

} else {

console.log("Conditions are no longer met...")


will result in an error...
is there anything in JavaScript that is it's equivalence of python's:

while conditionsMet:
    print("Conditions are met!")
    print("Conditions are no longer met...")


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You can do

while(conditionsMet) {

console.log("Conditions are met!")


while(! conditionsMet ) {

console.log("Conditions are no longer met...")


This is not a correct behavior.
In Python while-else loop, the else block is executed at MOST once.


I've found a method I think works best, by merging all of the given ideas:

function while_else(conditions=false,body=function(){},exit=function(){}) {

if(conditions) {
if(!conditions) {

return 0


There are lot of other ways but it kind of depends on your use case usually javascript is written in more functional manner than python.


There are no exact equivalent syntax in JS.

Most of the time you can do:

while(conditionsMet) {
  console.log("Conditions are met!");
console.log("Conditions are no longer met...");

If you need the break / no-break behavior, you need to set a flag yourself, like...

let broken = false;
while(conditionsMet) {
  if (shouldBreak) {
    broken = true;
  console.log("Conditions are met!");
if (!broken) console.log("Conditions are no longer met...");
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