JReply is returning! :3

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So, who remembers JReply?
No one.......?
Well, I got a big surprise, JReply 1.0.0 (No, I didn't forget about it)
and it seems pretty up to par with JQuery, with some JQuery like
functions and some of the iconic JReply functions:
like the old "timer" one? it's now called "in",


setTimeout(function() {/* code here */},1000)

JavaScript and JReply

_.in(1000,function(a) {/* code here */},"I'm 'a'")

Another use case would be getting all the text on a webpage, while that's easy, it's long, so


document.head.parentNode.innerText || document.head.parentNode.textContent

JavaScript and JReply


I hope when I release this new version, the update, and library, can be loved and cherished by all, even though it's rare.


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Where's the documentation of JReply? And the repo?


Not here yet, this is only an announcement, still fixing any potential bugs, thanks for looking into this, and I hope to see you when JReply releases on Tue Feb 18.

Have a wonderful day!

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