Plan log for Janky v0.0.2

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Janky (2 Part Series)

1) Janky (Python) v0.0.1 Release! 2) Plan log for Janky v0.0.2

Janky v0.0.2 is on it's way...
Just like last time, and let's get this question out of the way,
"No", I'm not leaving RuntDeale, in-fact currently I'm developing the sprites (which might take a while) and a proper artwork, so wish me luck.

But here is some of what I have planned for Janky v0.0.2:

1) A comparison operator (==)
2) Mathematical operators including exponents (**)
3) A slightly upgraded IDLE program with a new 'File', 'Save', and 'Quick load' buttons
4) Bug fixes related to variable / object properties

Here's a quick look at the new IDLE:
Alt Text

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