Who wants a Demo Webpage for them? (Challenge)

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I was kinda bored, and I thought:"Hey! Maybe the DEV community can help!". So I propose this: Give me a website (in a format I will list below), and I will reply to you when I have started, and I have 5 to 6 hours to complete it, no matter how complex it is! When it is done I will upload it to GitHub and message you the link with the message:

DemoPage: <LINK>

Here is the format:

Background: <Image> | <Color>
Text: <SizeX> & <SizeY>, Scrolling: <Scrolling Speed> | Stationary, <Color> | <Background Image>, <Text : STRING/LIST>
Headline: Exists | Does not exist, <SizeX> & <SizeY>, <Text : STRING/LIST>, <Color> | <Background Image>
Functions/Functionality: <As Desired : JAVASCRIPT/TYPESCRIPT>
Timers/Intervals: <Timer> | <Interval>, <Time>, <Function: PREVIOUS>
Prompt: <Message>, <Placeholder>
Alert: <Message>
Website Explanation (what you want it to do):"..."

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PDS OWNER CALIN (Calin Baenen)


I am a 13 (as of Oct 30 of 2019) yr/o developer (I have been developing mini-projects for 4, years now, since I was 9), who makes projects in languages like: Java, HTML, Python 3, JS, CSS, and C#.


markdown guide

Background: thepracticaldev.s3.amazonaws.com/i... | red
Text: 500 & 500, Scrolling: 20000mph | Stationary, black | thepracticaldev.s3.amazonaws.com/i..., a list of all the epic fortnite seasons
Headline: Exists | Does not exist, 5000 & 5000, we are minecraft, red | thepracticaldev.s3.amazonaws.com/i...
Functions/Functionality: where me c++ at madarchod
Timers/Intervals: 5s | 5s, 5s, idfk? english please
Prompt: you wanna join the gang gang mother fucker?, yes or no
Alert: gang gang ggx gang is in the house
Extra: please make a fa-spin on a 5head [pl.scdn.co/images/pl/default/cec0f...]
Website Explanation (what you want it to do):"As i am a pro minecraft pvper i would really like it to explain how good i am at minecraft pvp and syskeying"


Thanks I really tried to encapsulate the input you gave me into one big glob! Enjoy!
cough Not my best work, my 3rd best work can be found here:
my second best: