Why can't I add an 'onkeydown' event to a DIV element?

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I am working on a game and I am trying to add movement but when I try to add an onkeydown event onto my div element, it doesn't work.

<div id="gameEvent">
    <canvas id="game" width="500" height="500"></canvas>
    var event = document.getElementById("gameEvent")
    // oncontextmenu works for some reason
    event.oncontextmenu = function() {
        return false
    // this does nothing...
    event.onkeypress = function(e) {


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onkeypress is only triggered for the 'active' field when a key is pressed.
You need to enable your element to receive focus. The trick is to add attr tabindex to #gameEvent.


Why does it need to be tied to a <div>? Why don't you just make an event listener to window?

window.onkeypress = ...

This would be impractical, what if I wanted multiple divs to listen to a keypress event, but I didn't all want them to be active at once?

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