Why does IntelliSense for HTML not work on VSCode

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So recently I have been working on an HTML project, but when I go in VSCode to edit my HTML, nothing happens, I have tried looking up the question, asking on the repo, and disabling all my extensions. Nothing is working.

- CSS highlighting does not work
- No auto predict for html (tags and classes), css, or js
- When putting in '%' to css it does '%%'

Extensions (31):

HTML Snippets (by: wgenial)
HTML Snippets (by: Bin Deng)
Open HTML in Default Browser
PHP Extension Pack
PHP IntelliSense
Visual Studio IntelliCode
Visual Studio Code Commitizen Support
... {The rest are for other Languages}


Alt Text
Alt Text

Does anyone know what the issue might be?
Thanks and Cheers!

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Hi could you add images to describe what's happening so that we can help you better.

If you want to intellisense, go into the blog and turn on features that are off.



More into environments.
A full screenshot can tell if it's a windows or Linux or macos, plus the VScode logo can help determining the releases tab as beta or stable. Moreover you can share these stuff in text too. Also your VScode version.


If you not saved the file with html extension, you need to specify the file type by pressing - >

Ctrl+k and L

I have found that some snippet or autocomplete extensions have this as an unintended consequence. I'm not completely sure, but I think what happens is that the extension does not properly identify the languages which it is used for and it overrides other language support.

From your list, most of those extensions look like they could be the culprit. The extensions for the other languages could also be interfering with HTML files. With 31 extensions, any one of them could be the problem. I'd suggest having different VSCode workspaces for each language/environment and disabling extensions that don't apply to that language to prevent any issues.

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