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In my opinion, spoken/written languages are just like programming languages and frameworks: They can be learned on the job.

You can still succeed in Silicon Valley but your prospects will be limited, well, your potential employers will be the ones that don't see language as a problem as long as you write good code and demonstrates the ability to gain skills on the job.

The prospects you lost (assuming if your English is really really poor) are the ones that expect you to write and speak a whole lot (like writing contracts, negotiating with customers, responding to customer issues), which by the way are not what you want to end up with doing the whole day as a coder.

Don't stay with this mindset about your English skills. I have taken ESL classes but they didn't improve my English dramatically. I am now because I read in my spare time and collaborate with people on the job.

My former boss suggested taking that at one time and I told him: Just talk to me more.


I decided to listen to your story.
I would like to extend the programming skills in Japan.

I think it is difficult for non-native speakers to master English conversation.
By spending time studying English conversation, I felt that I should not reduce programming study time.

Thank you for your valuable comments!

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