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Cesar Aguirre
Cesar Aguirre

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Monday Links: Farmers, Incidents & Holmes

I originally published this post on my blog a few days ago. It's part of a new series called "Monday Links".

Today I want to start a new series: Monday Links. I want to share interesting and worth-sharing blog posts, articles or anything I read online in the last month or two. You may find them interesting and instructive too.

Farmers always Worked From Home

We're in the work-from-home era. But, farmers have always worked from home. This article states we all got the work-life balance wrong. Speaking about a farmer neighbor..."He does what he needs to, and rests in between". Read full article

An Old Hacker's Tips On Staying Employed

An ode to personal brand. Build a reputation that will take of you on rough times. The "Two and Done" principle was my favorite. When making a decision, present your case only twice. After that, say that you have outlined your options and you want to move on taking somebody else's idea. Read full article

MOCR 2 during the Apollo 13 crisis

Houston, we have a problem! Photo by NASA, Public Domain

Secrets of great incident management

Incident commander, driver, communicator, recorder, researcher...It reminds me one of those movies about space missions. "Houston, we have a problem!" Outages are stressful situations for sure. People running, pointing fingers, making phone calls...the worst thing is when only you figure out you have an outage when you get a phone call from one of your clients. Arrggg! Read full article

Patterns in confusing explanations

It explains how not to explain things. I felt guilty of doing some of these anti-patterns. The ones about analogies, ignoring the whys...One piece of advise I liked was to write for one person in mind. Imagine a friend or coworker and explain the subject to her. Read full article

What Programmers Can Learn From Sherlock Holmes

What Sherlock Home stories and programming have in common. Not all facts are obvious to everyone. We all have one Lestrade in our programmer's life. I liked those two things. Read full article

Voilà! These were my most favorites reads from the last couple of months. See you in a month or two in the next Monday Links! In the mean time, stay tune to my Unit Testing 101 series to learn from how to write your first unit tests with MSTest to how to write custom assertions.

Happy reading!

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