What weird mannerisms do you have when coding?

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I selected a table column.
I inhaled.

I wrapped that table column in an else brace. I prepared the if brace one line up.

I put my text cursor in the empty brace.
I let out a large exhale

I hold my breath whenever I have something copied to my clipboard. What weird, physical habits do you have when coding? Are you more productive sitting at the edge of your chair? Do you fidget? Share your odd habits below!

Edit: Original title and my description caused discussion to target clipboard managers instead of habits. Maybe I was being too click-baity... Whoops.

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For macOS I’m using clipboard feature from Alfred app. It has easy to use shortcut next to spotlight shortcut so I’m using It at the moment only for text but I saw that history clipboard is working for images too


Windows provides a clipboard history, many Linux desktops have it as well or can get it with an extension. Mac OS get‘s it with a third party tool.
Before I discovered the existence of that concept I copied any important peace in a notepad first.


I use Clippy on MacOS. It's a great (and free) clipboard history manager.

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