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Discussion on: Pluralsight or Codecademy? Which one Devs should use to learn the latest Tech skills?

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I do not want to advertise any company, but Pluralsight, is better in my opinion. While learning by doing sounds great, the courses I saw at Codecademy were pretty basic eg. on Codecademy I found only 'Learn GO', while on Pluralsight, apart from 'Go Fundamentals', you can find 'Building Distributed Applications with Go' or 'Object-oriented Programming with Go' etc. These are much more advanced topics. What is more, I did not find anything for Spring Boot or AWS. For Python I found courses dealing with Best practices or using the Flask framework. The range of courses is bigger, but Pluralsight is much longer on the market.

I did not check the Codecademy's Pro program. Maybe somebody can expand, if it is worth looking into, for somebody that already has some experience?

BTW. while writing this post, I have found out that Pluralsight also has some Hands-on learning. I did not check it, though.