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Discussion on: Leaving Notion to build a second brain in VS Code

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Cas Hoefman

This is interesting, I struggle with "the same" problem, today I will take notes in Textmate, tomorrow I'll decide that I really need to put them in a more generally accessible spot and add some to Apple Notes. Than on Wednesday I might think that it is time to use some other note taking app and maybe on Thursday I will just take pictures of stuff I need to remember. There is no rhyme or reason to it, maybe over the weekend I will decide that I really need to go back to using Evernote again.

I said "interesting" because I actually decided today that using VScode might be a solution, but struggle with the limitation you mention, it is not accessible mobile nor do I have a good way to do something with images.

This will be a struggle for a the foreseeable future I am afraid.

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