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re: Saw this on Twitter and feeling very inspired by it, thank you!! Question... does typing make the whole thing shake? Or is it pretty steady? I hav...

No it doesn't really shake at all. The only time it really does is when I have to lift it up or down to change from sit to stand (I try to make myself stand most of the day though). The mic stand was kinda cheap and I guess that shakes a little. Everything else is super solid.


was hoping you'd say this. ok, time to go pipe shopping :)

Please post a pic when you are done! I would love to see it. :) Oh, and ask questions if you run into any issues. Here are some additional things to note:

  • I had fun trying to get mine level. Having a clamp and workshop table helps to tighten and level each leg of the mount.
  • The laptop vesa mount I took apart and had to reposition to get my laptop at the angle I wanted.
  • The vesa mount says for >1inch pipes but they work on the 3/4s pipes.
  • The pipes are greased so def wash them very well.

Most of the other details I will add later are more obvious if you have spent a little time woodworking/building. I need to add some of these details to the blog post still!

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