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Discussion on: Explain Docker to Me and When Would I Use it?

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Cat Author • Edited on

I think I might get it:

You are at a taco party:

There are many, many ingredients to make your own taco.

You must assemble it on your own plate.

You made a super delicious taco on your plate.
You're gonna make it again without disturbing others' plates.

Friend wants what you're having.

You could "clone" your plate/make that taco on his plate (?)

Or you give him the same recipe and he tries to make it on his plate.

He adds -- like, I dunno, twizzlers-- which is not on your taco.

He does not harm your taco, but he screws up his own.

  • Taco bar = general server environment
  • Plate = container
  • Ingredients = possible ways you can make your app
  • Your Awesome Taco = your app
  • You = better taco maker
  • Friend = probably high