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Hashnode vs Dev To - Which blogging platform to choose?

catalinmpit profile image Catalin Pit ・1 min read

Too long; didn't watch: both. Use both platforms.


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You gotta love TL;DW


I was always thinking about this, doesn't this affect the SEO of your blog negatively?

In my case I use another tool for my personal blog, you should test it out, it is the Developer Blog feature on the DevDojo site. It also allows you to use your own custom domain name for free.

Here's an example site:



Thanks for your awesome video!
I know Hashnode is FREE but how do they make money?
Is there a paid plan?


I don't know about any paid plans. :-)


I have been cross posting on Hashnode since August 27, 2020. I still have a much bigger audience on dev.to though so I have been posting here first and Hashnode second. Maybe I should do the reverse hmm....


Full disclosure I didn't watch the video... but if the TL;DW is just "use both", what's the point of the video? 😂


"why" might be the point of the video.