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How Do You Use Instagram As A Developer?

catalinmpit profile image Catalin Pit ・1 min read
  1. Do you use Instagram as a developer?
  2. How do you use it?
  3. What's your Instagram account? Drop a link.

Here is my Instagram account - @catalinmpit.


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Yes, I do.


I post daily tips and tricks on web development.
Mainly React, JS, TS, HTML, and CSS.
But have plans to add Ruby, Python, Git and other dev stuff.


Love it! Do you use carbon for the photos?


Yes, I do. Carbon is great for such content.


I usually use it for my hobby (photography). have a look at my work and lemme know what you guys think :)


  1. I follow few cool hastags #setupinspiration, #workstation or #thedevlife. Sometimes someone will post some cool stuff using those tags with tips for coding etc. Also I follow few developers and ofc. friends
  2. Nothing fancy from me. My pics are just for fun or to share things i like.
  3. Instagram: @prn.dev

Yes I use Instagram, I post updates of my learning journey and occasional notes :)
This is me and its nice to connect with other people doing similar things.


love the way u did those 100 days posts... very consistent


What’s your tortoise’s name? So cute 🤗 I had a turtle, a red ear slider.


Awe. Thankyou 😊. His name is Fred and has an excited little personality. That's awesome! What was your sliders name?

Aww!! Mine was called Herman Munster after one of my favorite tv shows The Munsters. I use to watch it when I was little


I tried doing an Instagram account before making a blog because it seemed like a lower-commitment way to start posting about code, but I ultimately found that I was spending way more time on the formatting and visual appeal than I was on the actual content.

Also, I've heard from more experienced bloggers that Instagram is pretty bad for driving traffic to external sites (like a blog). If you get someone to look at your Instagram post, it's going to be difficult to direct them to other things you want them to click on since you can only have one link and it goes in your bio.

Today, I mostly use Instagram to share my baking.


Those bagels look amazing! I’m not very good at baking but my roommate tries to help me 😅

I agree with this as well. I don’t really use it to drive traffic to my site. I use it more for connecting / personal.


Thanks! This is the recipe I use if you(r roommate) want(s) to make them

  1. In 2015, I wanted to share my coding projects with the world! I previously had an Instagram for a Minecraft server, so I knew that you could potentially get a lot of followers.
  2. Today, the page has 160,000 followers and I work with software engineers and tech startups to highlight what they are doing. It was an incredible way for me to get some insight into the industry and begin working with startups! I had no idea Instagram was capable of that!
  3. instagram.com/coding. Let me know if you want to collaborate / have questions about Instagram pages.

Mostly for my personal life. And not very often.


3 ways:

my hobbies: showing that I have other interests & skills besides tech skills.
my profession: showing my work, ideas and many other things; I'm up-to-date.
my life: showing that I'm a human being who loves outdoor activities, social gathering, etc.


As an individual, I don't have an Instagram account. I use it only to promote my product and I share blog posts and announcements.


I often thought about whether I should post something about development in Instagram, I would like to make my routine more fun, but in the end, I decided that if I publish something about development there, then only General things-without code. Because I want to be clear and interesting for most followers, who are not developers.

People come to Instagram to relax and chat, but you should only talk about development in simple words about things that people understand.

For example, I want to write a free-style post about 4 years development experiences
But first, be sure to write here! :) dev.to


I do use Instagram but as a hobbyist photographer. It provides me another medium of expression and refuge from my usual mechanical thinking.

The kind of photography I pursue requires miles and miles of hiking, which has added health benefits.

My Instagram account is @firozansari.

  1. No. I must admit anything I have to log in to before I can look at what others have posted tends to be a no for me. Same goes for quora for instance. Happy to sign up to actually add content; but life is too short to go through a sign up process for every web site you want to look at...

Nice idea for a post. I use Instagram for hobby photography and for keeping up with friends (typically via their stories). Oh, and I regularly get pictures of cute dogs from my wife.

My account is @darrylyoung.


My Instagram does highlight any projects I’m working on in web development and also animation. I like to throw in a few fun posts about my hobbies (paddleboarding, hiking, climbing, videos games, mental health). I like to keep it well round just because not all who follow me are programmers.



Hi Catalin Pit!

  1. I don't use Instagram as a developer. This is where I rest from work)
  2. 5 years ago, I developed a service that imports posts with the specified hashtag from Instagram and shows most liked posts for a day or week. The service also showed statistics for users - graphs of the number of subscribers and graphs of the frequency of publications. This is a post about service translated to English - translate.google.com/translate?hl=...
  3. instagram.com/rhamdeew/

Personall I use Instagram as a social network first and secondly to publish photos as a (very) amateur photographer.

Recently though, I started using it use a specific account to post content from my website gallery, SITEJOY. Thanks to using a bunch of relevant hashtags, I find I get decent engagement and a follow count that's slowly growing.

This has been one of the key difference between both approaches. Personally I try not to stuff my caption with keywords if I don't need to. If it's something really interesting then of course I'll try to reach out further than my followers, but most of the time the content isn't something I necessarily want the wider world to pile in on. With SITEJOY however, it's the opposite, I want to build a bit of an audience and drive traffic to the website.

The second difference, for SITEJOY, I picked a format for my posts and stuck with it from the start:

  1. the URL for SITEJOY features in the image
  2. screenshot of the featured website is front and center
  3. a complimentary background which isn't too busy and usually complements the website's theme
  4. CTAs for liking/commenting/sharing/following

This is done semi-automated, at least the image generation is. I have to caption it and actually post it but that's a few seconds work each time. If you're on iOS and have access to the Shortcuts app, you can build up some interesting workflows to help you with this.


I started using Instagram mainly to share what I learn everyday! Basically, like a journal.

I generally post my original tweets, motivating people to code!

It's fun to interact with so many other devs and share knowledge (using carousels is a great way!).

Here's my IG account 👉 cmcodes

  1. Yes, I think it's a visual way to showcase, never ever should anyone copy-paste my code anyway, that's no way to actually learn something.
    But Instagram might give you inspiration for a project.

  2. Mainly create a image every day for inspiration and sometimes make visual stories to showcase a full code example.

  3. This is mine: @dailydevtipsblog


I don't use Instagram for tech stuff (yet?).


Mostly for personal thing’s. I follow developers tho’.
I am here.

  • Yes, I use instagram as a Developer.
  • For promoting my projects, blogs, work etc.
  • This is my account.

I am using it a lot. But not for learning stuff or promoting my job. What I do needs to be kept as a secret. I think that projects and good ideas shouldn't be posted. Good ideas should be advertised when are 100 % done and ready for the general public. I am not so experienced with Instagram even if I am using it a lot. I want to increase the popularity of my page. Can I use igautolike.com to increase the likes number and the general rating for my page? Is this a good way to make more followers? I know that it is better to get followers naturally but it takes a lot of time.


I post some jokes instagram.com/coderwind

  1. Kinda
  2. mostly just follow people and occasionally post personal pictures at times. Not sure if I want to use it much though.
  3. @faraixyz

Use it for notes. Post screenshots while i browse on mobile. Be it from twitter, blogs.
It is like my digital vault.

  1. Yeah I do
  2. For knowledge sharing mainly
  3. @mrsaeeddev

i try to use instagram to be a developer but is too hard
lol so lifestyle of a developer maybe? instagram.com/fajarsiddiq


I share content in Portuguese about Web Development, Remote Work, Career, and Developer Communities.

My username is: obetomuniz

  1. No.
  2. I close it when it's open.
  3. I don't remember...

I use it more for personal use etc but follow me at


Mostly for posting my travel clicks.
Here is my instagram handle : @sachinnagesh


I follow many code artists for inspiration and keep current.
My js and webgl experiments here


I do, to create Filters at @fabio_difra and it's a pain in the 🍑


This is mine instagram.com/coder.journey/

I post daily content to made complex programming topics easy


I follow devs on Instagram and also share some tips and tricks on my account. You can have a look at it. instagram.com/codewithghazi/


I post on web development in general. Here is my account - codedrops.tech

  1. Yes, I do.
  2. I share my work (like my blog posts, my projects, my twitch lives, etc.) and my day to day life as a software engineer
  3. Here it is @mindsers.it

I use it but I am terrible at posting and have no idea what to post. I usually post stuff WordPress related stuff. instagram.com/technicalgeekry


Shame how quickly the Instagram Developer API was shutdown, I had loads of ideas I wanted to build using public data from Instagram 🤷‍♂️


not using it as a developer but rather as a way to express visual creativity.


I like to click photos, I post that
I also follow #coding #machinelearning #100daysofcode


Not on the gram. Deleted my account coz I think the dev community on twitter is just one hell of group. Soo much networks unlike on IG dudes baiting likes & stuff.
Twitter 4L


While I have a face for radio, I've always thought that Instagram would be a great means to inspire younger folks into the STEM careers. I made a career of CS, knowing little about what it was before I took it in college. A lot of folks simply don't know much about any particular career, wish folks would do inspiration/education of professions, especially the perceived 'boring careers'. My $0.02.

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Pictures might say a thousand words, but it's a very inefficient way to share code. Isn't the following dialogue inevitable on instagram?

  • "Saw your instagram story yesterday, but doesn't work on my machine."
  • "Well, it works on mine."
  • "Oh, now I see my mistake, I forgot a semicolon... maybe because I had to TYPE EVERYTHING BY HAND, SINCE I CANNOT COPY&PASTE IT FROM THE PICTURES OF YOUR CODE!!!"

So no, I obviously don't use instagram.