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What Motivates You To Code

catalinmpit profile image Catalin Pit ・1 min read

Exactly like the titles says - what motivates you to code?

For me is as follows:

  • the ability to work from everywhere
  • being able to create cool stuff from the ground up
  • solving complex problems
  • making people's lives easier

What are your motivations?


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Right, paying the bills! putting bread on the table ... it's not that I genuinely "like" coins or bank notes but it's a necessity :-) yes and I do like my job, so that's a win-win combination

  1. Improving my skills.

  2. Understanding wth my developer team is talking about.

  3. Adding to my resume.

  4. Embracing the fact that I have sooooo much to learn and don't know anything.

  5. Solving a coding problem and feeling like a champ after finding solution.


4 and 5 can be addicting. Solving problems is what keeps me going too - whether it's a coding problem or a customer's problem.


The excitement when learning something new. That's the best thing about coding, it doesn't end up being too repetitive, you're always learning.

  1. Deepening my concentration level (through the cognitive process required to achieve great results) 2 . Getting better and better in order to become really knowledgeable 3 . Attracting awesome growth opportunities 4 . Connectng with like-minded and talented people 5 . Adding meaningful value to my life and the life of other people.

Creating the chance to get a job.
The good feeling I get when my project works exactly how I thought it would in my head.
Programming feels like magic for me and That feeling of being a magician makes my heart happy 😊


For me, they are...

  1. Excitement in creating something, knowing that you can create almost, if not, anything, with code, and contribute to society in such way.

  2. The satisfaction in seeing the code you wrote brings a product to life.

  3. Writing code is a piece of art. Clean, readable code is utter beauty, poetry-esque!

  4. Solving code problems are satisfying.

  5. The flexibility in being able to work from basically anywhere.

  6. The demand for programmers. It’s rising and tech jobs aren’t disappearing anytime soon.


Besides that it's good money, I like that it let's me solve problems in creative ways. No day at the job is the same.

Also the idea of someday being able to release my own web apps is kind of cool to me.


I really like knowing that I bring V-A-L-U-E. Maybe its left over low self esteem as a teenager, but the fact that my coding ability can positively affect a companies bottom line is amazing. Seeing that my code can:

  • Generate of new revenue
  • Stop the loss of revenue by removing inefficiencies

gives me so much satisfaction. Plus the money is nice.


Mainly looking at technological stuff or listening to hardcore electronic music
Tech stuff like PCBs, random low level code, getting progress done in something like git and reflecting on history of a repo, some other stuff I'm probably not thinking of right now

  • The fact that enables you to work from anywhere as you already mentioned.
  • Being in a booming industry that's only growing more.
  • Having some of the knowledge of the people who created the digital world.
  • Being in a profession that doesn't let you fall into complacency.
  • Being able to do cool looking things to show friends/family that are non-coders

And I think finally, the one that I'm enjoying most currently.

  • Being able to create useful things from nothing that can help people around (e.g. a website for a business, automating a process, expanding capabilities at a greater scale... etc)

The main reason is that I always Want To know how things work behind the scenes. I like the fact that computer does exactly what you tell it to do. Also, money is reason too, of course, and cool things that I can show to my friends, I like to be smartest guy in the room, at least in my own opinion.


1️) Ability to do remote work
2) Making something that adds value to people's lives.
3) Be able to afford my medical care
4) Problem Solving gives me the push to keep on growing. The feeling when you solve a problem and make your code work is the best. πŸŒŸπŸ’―


I am on building my skills as far as coding is concerning and the prime reason for doing so is to finally land a job in a field am passionate about.

The second part is to have an alternative job to my current job as a Storage and Backup support role

  1. Building stuff. I like that... since I'm born?
  2. Trying to improve the world. I'm a bit idealist, but that's okay. I assume.
Only 3 things motivate people: 
1. Money
2. Fear
3. Hunger

~ Ron Swanson

  1. Money
  2. Playing around with what I have build
  3. Seeing people's amazement with something I have coded in 1 day

Idk when I code I lose sense of identity and I just feel like I'm part of some "natural process"...like, a project is taking form and gave me the opportunity to observe its creation.

Yeeeee otherwise I take pleasure from building apps that other people will use and coding is a skill that lets me make small effects in my life (and possibly other lives) but really what brings me back is above + the feeling of getting stuck and then beating whatever was stucking (???) me is intense endorphins


The first reason when I started was definitely to understand how the devices we use every day work.
And I love to see how things are created that I write with my hands (or rather my fingertips). I also think that coding can help me improve my skills. And if I can find a job in this area, it's all the better.


I LOVE how logic and creativity come together with code. It's also a great way to challenge yourself and learn more!

  1. the challenge
  2. the impact
  3. the $$$$

Solving a puzzle and improving my ability to solve said puzzle.


Turning ideas into reality, and sharable to anywhere in the world.


Beats the hell out of manual labor jobs.


For me

  • Meet and help people throughout the world
  • Learn new things
  • Makes life easier
  • Can earn a lot of income if you know what to do

Mostly just building cool things, or anything I want to. Plus it gives me the opportunity to run my own business, work from home, and learn new things.


Good question. I guess for me it's another way to express myself.


The ability to build something great.

Giving value to others.


Money, without having to do questionable things for it (I'd prefer to do them for free).


Save the planet, I realized that the best way that gives me better probabilities to can save the planet is being a very, very efficient coder πŸ˜‰πŸ‘βœŒοΈ


Making dreams come true. The average person thinks we are like wizards πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ


I learned to code to understand how the world works


I like to solve issues and to simplify complex processes. I like to learn new things and improve my knowledge.


β€’ Learning a new skill
β€’ Being able to be creative
β€’ Desire to change careers
β€’ Showing family/friends what I just learned


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