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Cat Carbonell Author

...Yes? I haven't interviewed as a developer before??

I have the base education in development, but stuck with what I know, and now I'm a UX and UI designer.

I have an interest in development.

No need for condescension, pal.

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Ben Halpern

DamirTomic, this comment was not constructive and we agree that it was condescending. So this is a warning. Feel free to email me ben@dev.to for further clarification of our expectations with regards to the code of conduct.

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@Cat Carbonell that's not what I meant.

Let me rephrase: Algorithms that work with prime numbers are primary used in cryptography. And since less than 1% of developers work on cryptography, the chance of encountering such an algorithm during everyday work is highly unlikely.

But you could encounter them in an job interview.

That was a critique of the interviewing procedure which asks totally irrelevant questions and not you.