Re: Mental Health in Tech, 2 Years Later

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I wrote a post 2 years ago while I was falling into a deep depression that lasted for, perhaps, more than a year, which is why I stopped writing (and coding) at the time.

Between then and now, I'm happy to say that several things have happened:

  • I started seeing a therapist
  • I switched antidepressants
  • I left an emotionally abusive relationship
  • I have a much more positive outlook on life and an especially more focused drive in regards to how I want to advance my career as a developer

It was quite a process, though-- not going to sugarcoat it. There were many-a-tear-shedding weeks, neither my contract at the big company was renewed nor did I get an FTE offer. I especially felt useless and guilty for leaving someone I was with for six years.

But I always tried to make an effort to look forward and to change.

Now in these especially trying times, it's difficult for us to even go anywhere: outside or on the 'net. We're not even sure when it'll ever be safe to go out again.

Hell, my grandma fainted today, and the paramedics told us they can't take her to the hospital (she's okay now, she's just 100 years old and it's hot in the Bay Area right now).

We need a little glimpse of reprieve.

So, fellow Devs, I ask you to respond to this post with:

- What's keeping your head up? How are you coping during these trying times and what's been working for you?

- Post about the person/place/thing/news that made you smile today.

- Need to vent? Post here. I declare this thread a safe space.

For me, I'm one of those Animal Crossing: New Horizons zombies. I also recently graduated from General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive program (HIGHLY recommend) and now I'm working on my portfolio.

I gotta look forward. I have to believe that tomorrow will be better. I will survive this, and you will, too.

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Hi Cat,
Thank You for sharing. I am also sorry to hear about your Grandma'.

Before I got into tech, I taught K through 4th grade. I had a little boy come up to me in the morning and told me 'My grandma died last night.' I could see this day could go either way for him. I asked him if he remembered his grandma smiling at him. Then I asked him if his grandma made him laugh. He agreed to both. Then I told him to remember them both laughing together. He just smiled and walked away. We had no problems that day. I used to love moments like that.

I wish the same for you,