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not a single mention of "offline" in the article, comments or sign up process for "dev.to".

big bummer!

i never used gatsby, and i'm not really well versed into most of the web coding platforms of the past 5 years or so... (is this hydrate thing exactly the offline feature i am mentioning below?)

but gatsby website works amazingly well offline, like every website should!

the test is very simple. load website (on android, in my case). turn off internet. reload page.

at very least what's visited should work!

(i would argue that a small website should load everything in the first hit, and i would bet gatsby can do that easily too... or at least i hope, since i'll still probably migrate from jekyll there, even after this article to which i can certainly agree... because...)

sadly, 11ty or any other related link i could find, doesn't (except mozilla nunjucks work a little bit). just another "fuck offline first" broken mentality, imho.

also... i don't really get the "better and faster" for small sites... even jekyll can score 100% for those sites in every possible test there is. so what's really the point?

not to mention both the language and the pug dog are ugly as the devil! 🤣

by all means, have fun with them...

(i know i'll soon get my own fun by deleting facebook, perhaps inspired by the 11ty affiliate... not because of privacy concerns at all, as you can read on cregox.net/privacy nor because whatever they do wrong in policies... it's just because most of their products are truly bad as a product on their own. in a similar fashion, i'm tempted to delete google as well... they always made fantastic products, but they've been losing their touch... plus, both of them lack this one other fundamental part of the internet: making my data redundant automatically, which means outside of their reach, for real backup... and better options are starting to appear, such as secure scuttlebutt).

just please, implement some offline code already! and ideally some pwa along, you know, to easily "install" or download everything for later offline usage with intent, or simply for bad connection.

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