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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2021

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2021
A great cryptocurrency exchange will give their customers excellent user experience, keep their funds safe, and carefully curate trading pairs at the same time. And i want to focus on small and fast exchangers. After many hours of researching and testing dozens of small and fast crypto exchanges, i’ve picked four that i love for their support, trading volume, and functionality. Each has its own unique advantages, positioning, and restrictions as well.


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A concise interface and a convenient workspace help you focus on the exchange and not be distracted by anything superfluous.

  • Year of creation: 2017;
  • Country: Estonia;
  • Support of popular payment systems;
  • Registration is not required;
  • The average speed of the exchange operation is up to 15 minutes;
  • Earnings on the referral program;
  • Automatic cumulative discount of 0.05% on all directions for new users;
  • Reviews on Bestchange: 4282/0 (+/-)


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A fast and reliable electronic money exchanger that allows you to buy or sell the desired coin around the clock and seven days a week. For a long time, it has been performing high-quality and professional exchange operations with digital currency.

  • Year of creation: 2012;
  • Country: Estonia;
  • Favorable exchange rates
  • Large reserves;
  • Provides a wide range of cryptocurrencies to work with;
  • All popular destinations are available for
  • The reputation of an honest and reliable exchange office for working with leading payment systems and digital currencies.
  • Application processing time-10-15 minutes;
  • Registration is not required;
  • Reviews on Bestchange: 6522/0 ( + / - ).


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The service is positioned as a fast exchange of electronic money. In 20 minutes, you can quickly and efficiently exchange cryptocurrency.

  • Year of creation: 2019;
  • Country: Russia;
  • Works with a large number of cryptocurrencies and supports all popular payment methods;
  • Application processing time — 20 minutes;
  • Cashback: 0.1-0.5% of the total amount of transactions performed;
  • Earnings on the affiliate program: 0.5 -1% of the amount of referral exchanges;
  • Full adaptability to all devices;
  • Reviews on Bestchange: 1527/0 (+/ -).


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A large exchange office, which is distinguished by the speed of processing applications and the same operational technical support service.

  • Year of creation: 2016;
  • Country: Netherlands;
  • Support for a large number of popular payment methods;
  • Registration is not required;
  • Application processing time — 15 minutes;
  • Referral program;
  • Reviews on Bestchange: 5170/0 (+/ -).

Tell us what exchangers you use.

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