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Discussion on: 9 Must Watch Movies for Programmers in 2020 🎬

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Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin

I loved how the first minutes — literally the introduction of the protagonist as someone who's "proved non-existence of one-way functions in 2012" — establishes the movie as alternate history.
[Reality: Most people assume they exist but we're nowhere near proving or disproving that. OWFs remain a popular plot device in the speculative genre called Complexity Theory / Cryptography :-)]

For a low-budget, men-in-a-room movie, it has surprisingly good discussions of CS theory and possible consequences. The plot is... well there is not much plot :-) I was actually disappointed with a few scenes that go outside the room into vague territory (delusional or real? I wasn't sure). But overall I'm happy I watched it.