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Great article!
Took the quiz; Im a questioner 😊.


That's awesome. I want to do a poll and see how many nomads are!


Ive been working remotely for 6 months now, while actively looking for higher paying opportunities. I find that its best to focus on jobs that require you to build a project as the application. Dont waste time filling forms, uploading CVs and writing cover letters... In my experience, those places dont even bother to acknowledge receipt.


Yes 100% agree with the test projects! No better way to prove your abilities than doing something instead of "selling yourself"


Is there any way to filter only those with that require?

Thank you! :D

Unfortunately, I haven't found a platform that curates these specific jobs/employers so my process is pretty basic. I subscribe to various job sites and slack groups for jobs; Do a job search every two days; Click every link that applies to me; Discard every link that doesn't lead to a build X as a project/assessment.
Recently, I applied for BriteCore's frontend developer position. They made us build a vue data-table. I didn't get the job, but I did get solid feedback from the team explaining why (a rare occurrence in this industry); so it wasn't a waste of time at all 😊

Yes, I did something similar when I was searching a few years ago. Set aside a period of time a few times a week to look through the best job boards.

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