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Discussion on: How did you first start out learning programming?

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In the nineties I started out with C64 BASIC and a bit of Comal80, since this was what the machine my parents gave me required.

This was a good introduction to some low level concepts, like manipulating memory directly or deciding program flow by using a small memory space as an extra stack or hackish let-environment.

Next was C, HTML, C++, QBasic, Java, JavaScript and SQL, at -00 and the years after. It took quite some time before I discovered lisp languages and the rest of the functional family, with Haskell and OCaml being the ones I dabbled most in before Clojure showed up.

Somewhere along the way there was some python and other languages too, mostly the ASP web development stacks (classical as well as .NET) but also VB, C# and .BAT scripting.

If I could give eighteen year old me a tip it would be to stick to C++ and Common Lisp, and start working as a programmer as quickly as possible instead of trying out all the other things I've done.