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Discussion on: 3 reasons why web developers use Macs

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Real developers really don't care about the operating system. MacOS is most the best way to get NON COMPLIANT with standards. Like as any domain, MacOS has few part of the developers global market. Developpers prefer using Windows or Linux mainly, we just need MacOS to dev for Apple off course, as you need Windows to dev using Microsoft Visual Studio a very commun tool unlike MacOS. To test dev browsers nobody need a mac, we use things like as developer we try to never interact using an human. Using apple absolutly don't mean you have money lol, for the same amount of dollards, you'd better buying a windows based laptop or desktop. Adobe works on Windows too as you can guess, or Adobe only target the operating system representing less than 15% of the global market? Developers really hate 13 inches screens for USD1500 by the way ;-).